Streaming Video

Endpoint Creative provides industry leading and professional live-streaming video. Our online delivery platform allows you to broadcast your event to a public or private end-user audience with a simple to use yet effective user interface.

Whether a town-hall meeting with an in-room audience or a single executive presenting on location, Endpoint Creative works hard to provide a hassle free webcast experience that’s customized for you and your needs.


A single webcast event is able to reach thousands of viewers while effectively engaging your remote audience while at the same time. Streaming technology can greatly reduce travel time for endusers from multiple locations which in return drastically reduces company budgets for corporate travel expenditures.


Production Video

From concept to completion, Endpoint Creative is your destination for video production. Our team of creative specialists will work closely with your business, organization or campaign to provide a finished project that is certain to meet and exceed all targeted milestones and goals.


With an outside the box approach and strategic planning, our seamless process is simple and complete. The phrase "You only get one chance at a first impression" carries a lot of validity and theres no better way to make an impacting first impression than using the power of video as part of your marketing and branding efforts. If you're not using video in your marketing efforts, you sould because chances are your competitor is! 

Live Video  

Using HD multi-cam production is the only way to ensure that every important aspect of your live event has proper video coverage for both attendees and future viewing. With options from stationary cameras, shoulder-mount and steady-cam, we provide broadcast level quality video that ensures your event will not only be covered, but be engaging as well.

Our live event video also includes broadcast quality motion graphics gives you custom branded media including title/info screens, lower thirds, picture in picture screens, on air bugs, transitions, and more. This process ensures that you will not only look great, but that your videos are properly branded giving you maximum return on investment.


Podcasting & Podcast Production 


In the vastness of all the media and marketing that’s available to us, having too many options makes us uncomfortable and inattentive. The message gets lost. With this in mind, there is a peace that comes with opening your ears and your mind to a podcast. It’s easily digestible and easily accessible to your target audience.

At Endpoint Creative we are here to help your business or organization quickly develop, plan and record your podcast for distribution. Our use of the latest in production technology coupled with our experience assures clients  that your finished podcast project will be both professional and cutting edge. We look forward to helping you take your story to the masses.