5 Reasons Why Video Must Be Part Of Your Marketing

February 13, 2017


Video marketing is powerful for promoting a company’s product or service. In fact, by 2017, analysts predict that 74% of all internet traffic will be on video. It is so effective in fact, that on average, it typically increases the likeliness of audience engagement by more than a power of ten! This is a profound advantage, and a top reason why video marketing needs to be a part of any marketer’s strategy.


The Visual Edge


Promotional videos, customer testimonials, live event footage, instructional videos, and other video content are being leveraged by today’s top marketing teams as a fundamental component of modern marketing, enhancing the image, reputation, or allure of a brand.


What can video do for your marketing strategy?


  • Boost conversion rates. 71% of marketers report that video consistently outperforms other forms of content.

  • Raise click through and email open rates dramatically. Most consumers view video as one of the highest value assets.

  • Achieve better ranking in Google search. Search engines love rich, value-based content. Placing video on your site also increases your exposure on video-specific searches.

  • Increase your ROI. Video is often able to deliver a higher ROI than other online content.

  • Keep people on your web site longer.  Consumers spend 88% more time on a web site that has video.


Trends in Video


Video marketing isn’t just being used as a way to invoke an immediate call-to-action. Savvy marketers are using video to create moods, to connect with customers on an emotional level, and to impact brand sentiment as well as buying decisions throughout the entire buying lifecycle.


Videos with a relevant story has the power to linger on the mind much longer than textual content – which is the key to building brand awareness and long-lasting interest. And stories are more likely to be shared virally on social media.


What trends in video should marketers be aware of?


  • This year, mobile devices account for half of video views; by 2018, tablets alone will make up the lion’s share of internet traffic.

  • According to Cisco, consumer online video traffic will continue to balloon, going from 64% in 2014 to 80% in 2019.

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine online. Owned by Google, embedding videos on a website that are hosted on YouTube has been show to help search engine ranking, even for text search results.

  • Online ad revenue from video will rise by about 30% by 2018. When trying to determine what is working well in online marketing, follow the advertising dollars.


Creating Your Video Marketing Strategy


So, what’s the secret formula for great video content? As with other marketing techniques, success lies in the planning, the calculated implementation, and the analysis.


  • First, identify the objective and target. Know what action the video should cause the viewers to take after they watch and then make this action easy to take.

  • Consider the use of embedded links within the video itself.

  • Use clear, succinct content – ideally under three minutes – and be sure to optimize the title for SEO purposes.

  • After uploading to each social media network directly and placing on the website, look at the numbers and determine the effectiveness of the video campaign.


Working with an experienced marketing firm can help to get the most out of video marketing and strengthen the impact of online marketing ROI with great visual content. Contact Endpoint Creative for a free project analysis and to see how impacting video can be to your marketing plan and brand awareness.


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